Monday Motivation

Welcome back to the Vintage Housewife! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, made the most of time with family and friends, and perhaps took in the super bowl celebration (yay Seahawks).

Mondays are a great day to get motivated for the week to come by planning your meals, catching up on weekly tv shows you can’t watch while little people (or husbands) are running wild, or even reading some of your favorite blog devotionals.

I enjoy working on laundry (well not really, but this is the usual wash day for me), sprucing up the house from having kids and husband home the past few days, and taking in a deep breath. Prepping for the coming week is surely something I know I should be considering – I’m just not always the planning type! What looks good on paper and sounds good in my heart, doesn’t always translate to my brain – seriously moms that my cutoff point, all good things stop there ;)
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Here are some of my personal thoughts on making the most of your Monday, motivating you towards the best week you can have!

  1. Focus! This really is the key to most things we as multi-tasking moms and women do. Nothing can be accomplished with our full focus and dedication. Forget the fact that you are stressed over making things perfect for your husband and children and remember that all we do, we do unto the Lord.

  2. Planning – I know we hear this a lot, but there really is some truth to it. Tons of blogs and websites offer free planning tools that can help us (the under-planned) get a handle on basic things like routine household chores, weekly meals taking the guess-work out of what’s for dinner, and to-do lists to help you stay on top of all those extra things you like to occupy your time with.

  3. Relax and breath. Take in some time today to be still. Maybe you like to meditate or write in a journal, or maybe take a power nap. Mondays are a great time for reflection on the past week and what lies ahead.

  4. You don’t have do it all. Remember you have an entire week to accomplish tasks such as grocery shopping, housework, and projects. There’s no need to rush through everything in one day making yourself completely exhausted and run down for the remaining days of the week.

I hope some, or even all, of these tips can help you have a successful Monday and week ahead. Being motivated is half the battle (I always say) and there’s nothing like relying on others, even in a virtual world, to put a little fire under yourself (metaphorically speaking).

Do you have tips and advice for motivating yourself as well as others on this Monday morning? How do you gear up for the week ahead? We would love to hear from you in the comments section or over at our Facebook Community!

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  1. I love a good list! But the relax and breathe part is what&#39;s essentail. Along with a great big dose of humor!<br><br>;-}

  2. Great thoughts, Shannon. If I were to add one it might be to meet with God. My time with Him each day is so &quot;motivational&quot; and helps to realign my heart for the week ahead. Thanks for sharing, my friend! Have a great week!

  3. Great reminder for tackling the week intentionally. In my current season, a simple daily list of areas for focus on and daily priorities works well. Quick to write and easy to implement. Blessings!

  4. Mondays are my best workday….and so busy, but it helps after rest and refreshment on Sunday, which allows me more energy. I like those lists too, though I don&#39;t always get back to them due to being so busy. sigh…..:)

  5. Good advice to make the most of Mondays! Monday is my wash day too and I&#39;m glad to read your positive thoughts to keep my mind focused on all that is lovely and good. :)

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