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I’m so happy to have found a solution to my website trauma from earlier this week. That really had this girl upset – you see I don’t do well with things that crash or don’t work as they are supposed to. Just a natural falt I guess.

I hadn’t really thought about today’s post. Horrible I know! But a really good book came in the mail for me yesterday, Candace Cameron Bure’s new one called “Balancing it All,” and I just could not put it down. Also the kids are off school, partially for winter weather and then today and tomorrow for scheduled teacher’s work-days (be still my mommy mind).

There was simply not an avenue available for me to properly contemplate my words for today.

Instead I thought I would quickly (because that’s really all the time I have) share with you a few ways you can connect with me online besides this glorious space.

I have a small, but growing, community of women on Facebook in the Vintage Housewives.org page which you can find here. My blog posts show up there as well as my Tweets and anything I post manually. There is a desparate need for a community manager of sorts to help keep the conversation going and growing – have any interest please let me know!

Twitter is something I use now out of habit and for wanting to share all the good things I read online. Rarely do I just post an update or something that’s pressing on my mind, unless those words are dying to be released. Most every blog post I read gets “tweeted” especially if your blog pages have a social media connection button readily available. You can finding me Tweeting as @SimplySaidMom (kind of cute huh).

I’m also a pinning fool. Yep you read that right, I love to pin! There is just so much fun stuff on Pinterest that I can’t help but spend a few moments, several times a day, pinning and sharing the cool things I find there. I have several boards ranging from food/recipes, crafts and projects, to home DIY. What a fun place to connect and share what makes your mind swirl around like a kid on Christmas morning. I hope you will meet me there, I’m know as shopegirl, and see what I’ve been pinning recently.

You can also direct connect with me via email anytime at homestylemom [at] yahoo . com (sorry for the kryptics, but I’m trying to deter the spammers). I love to read emails and respond to you personally. Kind of makes me feel like we are old friends just shootin the breeze on a warm and sunny afternoon.

Now that you know how to reach me…. what about you? What social media do you frequent and do you enjoy connecting with others online?

Join me in connecting with these bloggers today:

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  1. love it!

  2. HI!! Thanks so much for linking up to Thoughtful Thursday! My favorite social media network is Facebook!! I just love it!

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