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Good Morning Vintage Housewives! I don’t know about where  you live, but here in SW Virginia it’s down right frigid outside ;) The kids have either had no-school due to weather or 2-hour delays; a complete mess of a week from a scheduling perspective, but great cause I’ve had special time with my kiddos!

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FMF_visitIn standard Friday fashion, I am joining many other talented bloggers for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt by the awesome Lisa Jo Baker.

Our word prompt today is: Visit

Ready. Set. Type.

Today is an exciting day for the kids and I. Yep, we are ditching this pop-stand and heading to the mountains of WV. It’s got the potential to be a fairly tretcherous drive due to the severe cold weather, but I’m dressing warm, gassed up the SUV, and got the kids all ready to go.

You see this weekend we will visit my parents and spend time celebrating life. In one case a grand 60 years of life and on the low end 10 years of a beautiful childhood that I helped author.

In days almost forgotten, visiting was the thing to do. You did on Sunday’s after church and the mid-day meal, stopping “in” to see those you either don’t see often or that are unable to get out. It wasn’t a long visit, nothing drawn out or miserable, but you went and sat and sometimes ate yummy treats. The idea was to spend time, in fellowship, with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

As a child I felt like my grandmother had perfected the art of visiting. People came, people went. We went and returned. It was just something casual that meant the world to people, including me. It’s a dying art, like letter writing – they don’t even teach cursive in schools anymore because there is no more “snail mail” or the need for formal writing. What’s happening America? Ah, but I digress.

This weekend’s visit is sure to be of some emotions. Family I haven’t seen in over 4 years. My sister and her girls coming for a surprise visit. Extended family and friends gathering to celebrate life. Now that’s a visit I can sink my heart into.


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Five Minute Friday 

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  1. Hi Shannon. Stopping by from FMF. Sounds like a good visit you have planned. Enjoy your times together and safe travels.

  2. I hope you have a special visit. May we recapture the beauty of visits and snail mail. They truly have a way of conveying a message in unique ways. So glad I visited from FMF. Blessings!

  3. Shannon, I loved this post. It is so sad that visiting, cursive writing and many more are disappearing in America–all things that keep people together in fellowship. They also don't teach diagramming in school anymore (or at least in Ohio). How do you truly understand English without it? Have a glorious weekend, safe travels. Blessings, Kasey

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