Five Minute Friday: Hero

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Today our writing prompt provided by the lovely Lisa Jo Baker is a real toughie for me. Our word is: HERO. If you are not sure how all this five minute writing stuff got started, visit this page to learn more!

Ready. Set. Type.

She seemed to have it all together. Sharp dress, a nice and flattering appearance, and a job that most women struggled to obtain in the late 70s early 80s.

Television was where her heart was. Not the camera side, but the behind the scenes how it got to be the way we see it side.

She had no problem connecting with sources, being at just “the” place at the right time. Nothing seemed to be holding her talents back.

There was a child, a sweet little girl who didn’t know much about this woman except for the fact that she drove a cool car with a horn unlike any other horns. She was cool. And she came just as fast as she went. Until one day when she came and the child went with her.

A man who the child had met on an ocassion, he was there too. Let’s call him Dad. He was cool. He wore his collar up like hipsters of the early 80s usually did. What a dream come true.

That woman, 30+ years later is a hero in my book. She overcame adversities, hard times, and some down right ugly stuff. She came out on top and I love that about her. My hero doesn’t wear a cape, or a super cool outfit made of spandex. Nope, she’s an ordinary woman with super hero heart and I call her Mom.

End. (ooopppsss, that was a little more than 5 minutes, shhhhh don’t tell)

Ok bloggers, go forth and share your words with a community of wide open hearts and minds.

Five Minute Friday

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  2. Hi Shannon! It's nice to "meet" you. Moms make the best heroes, especially when we can say that "ours" do! God bless.

  3. love it!!! Your mom is cool!!!

  4. Loved reading about a your hero..another woman with an invisible cape. I wrote of one too. May we follow these shining examples of heroism as we never know who's watching us! Blessings

  5. Aw, such a lovely post, Shannon! Hope I can be a hero to my kids too.<br>Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.<br>Blessings<br>Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

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