Coffee for Your Heart: You Are Not Alone

Welcome back beloved Housewives! Lookey here, I was able to revive my poor, desamated blog without moving or crying another tear. Basically my Genesis file had a defect and was unrepairable, so I had to delete the Genesis platform and spend some (a lot) of time finding a theme that worked without Genesis – I will prevail.

Like the past few Wednesdays, I will be joining Holley Gerth and her awesome following for the Coffee for Your Heart series. And thank you Holley for the beautiful featured image graphic!!

Hey you there! Yes, you. The one I’ve been typing my heart out to. I’ve got something important to share with you.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Not ever. Not for one minute of any day are you alone.

Sure you may spend countless hours in the solace of your thoughts, alone while children are at school and the husband is at work. But to truly consider yourself alone (alone), that’s just not even possible.

You see the Creator of our vast universe, the earth and ground we walk on, the air that fills our lungs, will never leave us or forsake us – sweet sister, His Word tells us that. It’s just not a scenario to be played out in our minds even though the enemy casts his web of deceit over us like a dark cloud. How could anyone help but feel alone under such a heavy weight?

I myself have become an introvert over the past several years. Maybe it’s because I have the presence of the Holy Spirit, something I didn’t have when I was younger and in desparate need of reassurance (meaning never to be alone). Now I’m content with my thoughts and a somewhat deafening silence that comes from spending a lot of time alone. That part of me is no longer in pain and eager for someone to soothe the loneliness – He conquerred all for me, and you friend.

Let us vow today, before God and each other, never to feel alone or to believe the enemies lies that we aren’t needed or wanted and that’s the reason for the lonliness. We have each other, and community, and unification in sisters and brothers in Christ. Let us bind together, kick fear and regret in the pants, and allow God’s presence to be known to us.

Are you with me?






I’m  also linking up with Jennifer Dukes Lee and the #TellHisStory group of bloggers!

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  1. I found you at TellHisStory, where we are neighbors. I love knowing we're never alone. God will never leave us.

  2. love it!

  3. Ugh, my sympathies on your website problems. <br>Your words are a great reminder we are never alone. I know I can feel that way sometimes, and it can be a struggle to remember I am not.<br>Thanks!

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